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When I look back on my childhood I remember quite a few moments fondly. Playing wiffle ball in the backyard with my Dad and Older Brother,  taking advantage of my Baby Brother's calm nature and putting curlers in his hair, and of course that one time I kicked my Older Brother's front teeth out during my "Pink Power Ranger" phase (thankfully it did not last long). But I also remember each of these moments where captured by my Mom and Dad... who, might I add, are not professional photographers. 

But I loved their style, even though, yes there was the occasional thumb in the frame or a cut off head or two, but they were able to capture me and my brothers in our natural environment instead of forcing us into awkward poses. I always remember hating having to go get our holiday pictures taken at the Stroud Mall. I hated how I had to sit still, tilt my head in the oddest way possible and flash my forced smile. This is why we strive to capture our families within a natural environment, I cannot even begin to tell you how many families enjoy our family sessions because they can do their own thing as a family. Yes, there is the occasional pose or two, but we guarantee that there will be no awkward head movements. And the smiles on your faces will be genuine.

With that said, we are offering Family Sessions this fall. The packages are $250.00 for 1 hour in Ringwood State Park. We are also giving our families ten free 4x6 prints and an online photo gallery for you to share with their friends and extended family. Our goal is to make you and your family feel as relaxed as possible, so you can share these memories with all of your loved ones forever.

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